Enabling Every Child To Reach Their Full Potential


Teaching will provide children with opportunities to:

develop the necessary skills to use the English language confidently, appropriately and accurately to the best of their ability;
speak clearly and confidently to audiences of different types and size;
develop their ability to use drama both as an activity in its own right and as a means of supporting learning in other areas of the curriculum;
attentively listen to other people speak, with understanding, pleasure and empathy;
read a range of materials fluently and with understanding for enjoyment and for information;
write effectively for a range of audiences and purposes, using handwriting, word-processing, spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately and confidently.

As Literacy supports learning in most other subjects, the skills of literacy are frequently taught within a cross-curricular context and at other times in short focussed sessions.

We follow the Letters and Sounds programme for the teaching of synthetic phonics.  Children who have difficulties following this initial programme, are supported in small groups using the nationally recognised Sound Discovery approach.  Our books for teaching reading are organised in levelled book bands.  We use books from a number of reading schemes with the principal ones being Oxford Reading Tree and Project X.

For further details of learning objectives taught in each year group, please click on the National Curriculum for class by class curriculum maps.