Fun At Barford (FAB) Breakfast and Afterschool club

Barford Primary School runs a successful breakfast and after-school club to provide ‘wrap around’ care for our amazing family members.

Called FAB (Fun At Barford) both breakfast and after school club are staffed by qualified play leaders, providing high quality care and healthy meals.

Outside of the school day you can contact FAB on 01603 757606.

FAB session times
We currently have places available from the end of the school day 3:15pm until 5:30pm, Monday to Thursday, and until 5pm on Friday.  We provide all children with a healthy snack, and can provide an evening meal if required.

We also offer provision before school from 7.45am each morning of the week with children attending the sessions being offered a healthy, hearty breakfast.
Our Aims
FAB aims to…
Make our club genuinely accessible to all families with children attending Barford Primary School.

Provide an opportunity for children to socialise out of school.
Provide a range of creative, physical and play activities in a comfortable, familiar and safe environment.
Our Activities 
Our programme of activities is creative, stimulating, fun and varied.
Each child is encouraged to make choices in their play activities in order to promote independence
and self-esteem.
Our weekly program of activities may include: team games, modelling, art and painting, crafts,
construction toys, outdoor play, board games and puzzles.

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