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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding that the government gives to schools for each pupil on roll where they are deemed to be disadvantaged. Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils who are registered for Free School Meals (FSM), or who have been registered at any point in the previous 6 years (known as Ever 6), together with children who have been in care continuously for six months or more.
We use our Pupil Premium funding to target the needs of individuals and groups of children at the school, but also to develop school-wide programmes to benefit all children. This can be acheived in a number of ways, whether it involves addressing emotional, social or behavioural needs, providing further, focused academic support or widening horizons by ensuring inclusion for all of our pupils in receipt of this funding, in all aspects of our school life.
Schools must publish specific information about the way in which they have chosen to spend their allocated funding for pupil premium, following the guidelines set out below:
In the current academic year:
– the amount of the school’s allocation of pupil premium grant
– details of the main barriers to educational achievement
– how the allocation will be spent to address the barriers and why these approaches were taken
– how the school will measure the impact of the pupil premium and the date of the next pupil premium strategy review.
In the previous academic year:
– how the pupil premium allocation was spent
– the impact of the expenditure on eligible and other pupils
The following link outlines our proposed spending of the estimated funding amount for the current academic year:

Pupil premium strategy statement 2019-20

The following link outlines our proposed spending of the funding amount for previous academic years, along with evaluation of impact:

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19

Pupil-premium-2017-18 strategy-statement