Welcome to Red Squirrels Class

Red Squirrels is where our wonderful Year 4 and 5 children learn.

Welcome to Red Squirrels


Red Squirrels is a kind and helpful class that helps each other when they are stuck. We hope to be role models for Badgers, Foxes and Dormice and we take great pride and joy in having the lead roles
in the school play.
Our teachers are Miss Alston and Mrs Baines. We also have a wonderful TA named Miss Waterton.
They all help us to learn and encourage us to see the positives in making mistakes and to persevere.
We hope you join our class.

From the resilient Red Squirrels

Our learning

Our curriculum map

We are currently creating a brand new curriculum that will be bespoke to our wonderful school- our full curriculum map will be published when this work has been complete. 

For the Autumn 2 half term we are learning:-

English:- We are basing our English on the book ‘The Boy At The Back of The Class’ by Onjali Q Raúf.  Through which the children will develop an insight and appreciation of the challenges of refugee experiences.  It will help to support their understanding of empathy and develop empathy skills.  They will also explore the concept of the entitlement of fundamental human rights and freedoms for all.  They will produce a range of writing, including picture books and non fiction information reports.


Maths:- We will be continuing to follow the maths national curriculum, based around our own adapted version for the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. Our focus for the next half term will be on addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 

Science:- We will be continuing our topic of Earth and Space

Topic and the wider curriculum:- Our topic this half term is Refugees   this includes the following subject elements:-

Art – we will explore and seek inspiration from the work of the Syrian artist Abdalla Omari entitled the Vulnerability Series. We will also be linking our art with our science topic by experimenting with different media to create sunsets and sunrises linked to the work of the artist Claude Monet.

DT – The children will be looking at shelters at refugee camps, thinking about the materials used and how the shelters are constructed.  They will then design and build their own shelter

Geography- As part of human and physical geography we will research journeys undertaken by refugees.


History- As a contrast to British history we will be learning about Syria from early Islamic times to today.


Our wonderful work

Check out some of the work we are proud of on the posts below

Mars- by Isabelle

In Science, we have been learning about Earth and Space so we listened to some of Gustav Holst’s composition ‘The Planets’ and responded to it using oil pastels.  This is Isabelle’s response from listening to ‘Mars’.

Check out this piece of iwork

Meet our wonderful adults

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