Enabling Every Child To Reach Their Full Potential

Vision & Values

Our Vision

At Barford Primary School, we work together as a family to provide a stimulating and happy environment where every child is supported to develop and improve their learning and personal skills to enable them to reach their full potential.
Our school is very proud to be a small school at the heart of the community where every child is highly valued as an individual.
Our strong vision, aims and values enable children to achieve high standards of academic and personal development.

Our Values

Barford Primary School values each indvidual’s ability to develop and make use of their talents while developing respect for themselves and others. ¬†We value learning through resilience, creativity, enquiry, curiousity and having real-life experiences.

Our school values promote:

  • respect towards others and ourselves.
  • ambition – showing a desire to be better and achieve our full potential.
  • equality by ensuring that everyone is given the same opportunities and is treated fairly.
  • self-discipline – being in control and making the right life choices.
  • responsibility.
  • friendship.
  • empathy – being aware of others around us and how our actions can make a difference.